This is what my life is boiling down to at the moment – a list – a list of good things, bad things and, well, the ugly things. So here goes:

The good:

  • The house is nearly sorted
  • Seeing baby chickens breaking out of their shells
  • Being in a gorgeous coastal town
  • Celebrating three wonderful (yet sometimes turbulent) years with Mr Man today
  • Being able to have lunch with Mr Man on the foreshore, watching the waves come in and watching people fishing from the jetty

The bad:

  • I’m still unemployed
  • The house isn’t completely unpacked and sorted
  • I have only a limited amount of money in the bank and for the first time in my adult life am going to have to rely on someone else to give me money
  • The neighbour’s kid who keeps kicking his football onto the wall of our house, and up on the roof

The ugly:

  • All the empty boxes lying around in the tiny little yard that is our backyard
  • The seemingly constant mess

The list is longer, but I’m so bloody tired that right now I just can’t think straight, let alone make lists of my life. No, the list that I’m concentrating on at the moment is the list of things that I have to do tomorrow. Top of that list?

Find a bloody job.