Today was yet another busy day of unpacking and sorting things out. I am pleased to announce that we now have a kitchen that looks like a kitchen and acts like a kitchen, a living room that has a working TV, DVD and PlayStation (Mr Man has yet to set the Wii up – what a shame, I can’t use the Wii Fit and “exercise”) and a dining room that we could actually eat in, should we ever actually get around to eating like civilized humans at a dining table (the lounge is so much more cosy – bad form, I realise this).

So while I was unpacking the many, many boxes and bags of food that made the journey to Port Lincoln with us and putting them into the pantry, I realised that I had many more jars of spices than I thought I had. Back in our old house we had a tiny little cupboard above the rangehood, which was just deep enough to put my jars of spices in. So when they were in the cupboard there didn’t seem to be that many of them, and they all had a place. Unfortunately, the cupboards in this house are different. All very deep, all very high, and they all seem to be a little hard to get into, so I lost my spice cupboard, which means they all had to be moved into the general pantry.

That was where I started running into trouble. Have you ever tried to stack jar upon jar upon jar of spices on top of each other?


Don’t. They fall.

Easy answer to this dilemma would be to go and buy a spice rack yes?

Well. Port Lincoln don’t have that many homeware stores. There is a House and Kitchen store, which I admit I had been dying to get into. So, there was my exucse. I got Mr Man to take me down there (because, I am still a little lost and get “misplaced” when I drive around – I need a NavMan, I really do) and in we go to House and Kitchen, with me thinking, cool, spice rack here we come. I even knew exactly what I wanted. Did they have it? NO. I could have cried. So, we started a hunt around town at various different shops trying to find a bloody spice rack. After over an hour of shop hunting and about 5 different stores, we finally found a spice rack at a tiny little homewares store, which I do believe, is going to become a favourite shop of mine in the future (once I have a job again). I believe at one point, in K-Mart, I stopped, told Mr Man I wanted to go back home to Adelaide. I think a part of me was partly serious.

So that’s what my life has been like up till now. Unpacking, driving around town, getting misplaced and spending hours trying to find spice racks. The homesickness for Adelaide, my family and my friends hasn’t set in yet, but Mr Man hasn’t started work yet, so he’s been around me full time. I’m a little worried about how I’m going to cope next week when he starts working and it’s just me and Cat at home, in a strange town, with – strangers.

I believe I might have to take a few more trips down to the beach to eat my lunch. As we did today:

Snapper Rock

Snapper Rock

Or maybe I could go around the corner from home to Billy Lights Point and take in another glorious sunset?

Billy Lights Point

So, while it might be hard for me to find a spice rack here in Port Lincoln, you can see that I’m not going to struggle to find some glorious places to enjoy a few peaceful moments.