Last night Mr Man and I finished up the last of the packing (well I say we finished it up, but really, he had to finish it up himself this morning), having left the kitchen till last. While scrounging around in the kitchen, finding old glasses to box up and donate to charity, I found a bottle of vodka, with a fair amount left in there. Enough anyway for me to put into a mug with some coke (yes, a mug, someone decided it would be a grand idea to pack all the glasses up and leave nothing out – yes that someone would be me) and guzzle it down quickly.

You know what I discovered?

Drinking a guzzle-full of vodka and then packing, is quite fun (apparently I’m a cheap drunk). It certainly makes the packing go quicker, and the dancing around the kitchen just adds entertainment value. Well, I was entertained anyway, and I think Cat was entertained. Mr Man just stood there shaking his head at me, but oh well. 

The bad thing I discovered?

Guzzling back the vodka actually makes me quite tired. Tired enough that I left a box half packed with pantry items, looked at Mr Man and told him the rest was up to him, “I am going to bed, because some miserable bastard (that’d be Mr Man) is making me go to work tomorrow”. Unfair, true, it’s not really him that’s making me go to work, but when guzzle-full of vodka, fairness goes right out the window. 

So the truck arrived this morning at about 6.30am, and I’m hoping that when I get home tonight everything will be packed up. I’m not liking my chances though. Because I hate packing, you can almost be guaranteed that it will be there for me when I get home. But WOO, the move officially happens for all the furniture and household goods tomorrow, and next Tuesday morning, I will be following, and there will start the adventures that Port Lincoln is sure to bring.

Job update: Still don’t have one *sigh* – I am officially on my way to becoming a Sandologist!