My name is Louise* and I’m a 35 year old city girl. I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, and barring a couple of years living in Denmark as a baby (which I don’t remember, so it really doesn’t count) I have lived within 25 minutes of the suburb I was born in. I have worked for the same employer for the last 13 years, know my job very well, and most of the time I like it, if not love it. So what can I say? I’ve been in my comfort zone for quite some time now and quite content to stay there.

Enter Mr Man and his gorgeous girl “The Princess”, who blew into my world and made me fall madly in love with them three years ago. Mr Man was a country boy, born in the city, raised in the city (to country bred parents), but moved to the country when he was young, fell in love with it, and stayed there until circumstances made him move back to the city. Where we met. ¬†We dated, we had fun, we moved in together and set up home and talked about that “one day” that we would move back to the small country town. One day. In the future. The distant future.

Except that distant future came around a lot sooner than planned. Enter Mr Man’s former employer and his job offer of a lifetime. Come back to Port Lincoln. So after two years of saying, we should move there, we should move there, here was our chance. So without a lot of hesitation (lots of quiet hesitation on my part I can say), we said yes, and there started our plans to move seven hours away from everything I have always known and loved.

I’m excited. I’m nervous. I’m scared. I’m dreading it. I’m looking forward to it. I’m a barrel of emotions right now.

One of the things that has me the most worried is that I have no job to go to. So for the first time in my adult life I’m going to be unemployed. I’m trying to think of it as a vacation, it’s not really working. So I was complaining to a friend, saying I didn’t know what I was going to do with my time until I found a job to go to, when she suggested that perhaps I should keep a blog of my experience with moving, both the move in general and moving to the country, and being unemployed.

So welcome to Living on the Flipside. Because that’s how I’m feeling right now. Enjoy your stay, I’m hoping I’m going to enjoy my move :)

*All names edited to protect the innocent (or guilty).