The need for good artwork

Just a random thought I had this morning. I need some good, cheap (remember, one income thing happening at the moment) artwork to put into the two alcoves that we have up the hallway. But I’m stumped as to what kind of artwork I want to put in there.
Do I go with canvas prints, posters, small prints in frames, classic, contemporary, funky? This is going to drive me insane.

This is where you should learn to cull

Yep, enough said in the title really. When moving house, you should definitely cull “stuff”, but more importantly, you should cull your “stuff” before you move, not after you move.

I say this, because I now have to go through my study, and there are folders upon folders of information and “stuff” that I have to cull. And I still have more house to unpack, but I’m spending so much time just unpacking the study I feel as if I’m getting no-where.

Right now, I need to scream… arrggghhhhhhhh

Here we are: We are here!

I’m really sorry for the lack of updates over the last couple of weeks. I didn’t realise quite how hectic life was going to get in the lead up to the move. I’ve moved house before, but it’s always been within about 20 minutes of where I was currently living. You can’t do that kind of move when you are moving 7 hours away, everything has to be packed, labelled, and double checked before you place it all on that truck. There is no going back and forth, moving your belongings, and doing a final cleanup.

Oh and note to self… Next time, don’t organise to have the power cut on the actual day of your final inspection. Organise it for the day after. Because that way, when they decide to cut the power at 8.45am, you don’t sit there wondering how the hell you’re going to vacuum the house in readiness for that final inspection.

So there is definitely a lot more to tell you all. The pro’s and con’s of living here, I’ve found a few of both. And I also have a few photos to share. But for now, I must go back to the unpacking and try to get the house a little more organised.